Knet solutions SDN & OpenStack Trainings

Worth Learning

Software Defined Networking(SDN) is emerging networking technology,that is dynamic, managable,programmable and adaptable. SDN architecture decouples forwarding and control plane.
Industry is started adapting the SDN in their networks. Traditional Network engineers needs to upgrade their skills in SDN.

OpenStack is a open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), whereby virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers.

KNet Solutions provides practical/hands-on training with Industry experts who works on live Openstack deployments and SDN projects. The Intstructor has 17+ IT industry experience, who also contributes(upstream) in Openstack and SDN Projects.
1. One to One training with tailor made syllapus.
2. Recorded Video Tutorials and Demonstrations.
3. Live Video Conference/Chat with Instructor for each topic

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