SDN Beginners Training with RYU Controller Online Course, new batch Starts on December 1st Week !

This course helps students/to learn Openflow, SDN Application development(RYU Programming), Openvswitch, Overlay(VxLAN, GRE) techniques, BGP Speaker, Openstack RYU Integreation.. Limited to 5 Students per batch.


SDN Mini Projects . !

Learn SDN Mini Projects with Source Code, Video Explanations, Support


Academic Project Guidance in Software Defined Networking .. !

Get your Project Guidance in RYU SDN Controller from Industry professionals


KNet Network Topology Builder - SDN Test bed .. !

Opensouce, Docker based, Modernized, SDN Test Environment. Supports majororty of SDN Use cases


What we are doing!

We provide online Trainings in Software Defined Networking, from beginners to advanced level. Some of the key topics covered are Custom Topologies in Mininet, Openflow in detail, OpenDayLight, RYU, Developing SDN Applications in RYU, Miniprojects in SDN. Also We conduct workshop in Colleges. We develop and manage the KNet SDN Test bed - Docker based Modern SDN Test environment. we contributes in RYU SDN Controller.

Client Testimonials & Reviews!

Bijju, Bangalore , India

Knetsolutions was a good platform for guidance and completion of our project. Always got immediate response ,when doubts are being asked anytime. The work gets completed before the deadline with their assistance, if we are seriously showing interest on the project. Knetsolutions gave a friendly environment while teaching about stuffs given by them to the project and also during clarifying the doubtsIt was an awesome journey with knetsolutions being a pillar support for completion of project and very thankful for assisting during the hardships of my project.

Haider Fayeq, KL, Malaysia

knetsolutions is probably the best solution I've ever had in a topic of Software-Defined Networking. Although the content is very difficult for me when I read the books, the lecturer Mr. Suresh Kumar made it easy to understand. The lecturer clearly understands his subject, and made the content well suited for novice to advanced student.

Udeh Paschal, Europe

Knetsolutions is the leading solutions for projects and developments in Software Defined Networking (SDN). Deploying an SDN architecture in existing traditional network proves to be challenging but with knetsolutions, implementation is swift and easy. During my design and implementation, I encountered several challenges in getting my desired result but with guidance and assistance from knetsolutions, my project was a success. The tutorial videos are top notch and for every question I asked, I got immediate response. For anyone willing to delve into SDN, I strongly recommend knetsolutions

Some of Our Latest Work

Just highlighted some of our latest work.

KNet - SDN BGP Usecases

SDN Course in UDEMY "

Scalable, High Available Cluster of SDN Controllers


Students Trained - 91,

Projects Guided - 10

We have students across the world (U.S, France, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, India,....etc )