SDN IOT Projects


Internet of Things (IoT) connects thousands of devices(sensors, camera, medical devices, fire devices etc) under the same network. Hence, Software Defined Networking (SDN) is crucial in evolving IoT. SDN provides a programmable and adaptive networking through the use of dedicated central controller that can handle a multitude of different connected devices. Integrating SDN into IoT can enable intelligent routing, simplified data acquisition, transition ,and analysis, centralized management of network resources and applications, and dynamic on-demand reconfiguration of the network.

KNet Solution implements IOT capability in its SDN IOT Test bed. IOT Gateway application supports MQTT, CoAP, HTTP Protocol to push the randomly generated dataset to Cloud IOT Platform or locally installed one. The SDN IOT Test bed can be integreated with thingsboard ( IOT Platform.

we do customize the IOT Test bed based on project needs.

We provides training and guidance to complete your SDN IOT Project. we guided students in India (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, kolkatta, delhi, mumbai) and other countries (malaysia, germany, france, brazil, united states, pakistan, egypt, etc)

we work online and conducts project training in gotomeeting. so no restriction on geographical location.




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