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We provides training and guidance to complete your SDN Project. we guided students in India (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, kolkatta, delhi, mumbai) and other countries (malaysia, germany, france, brazil, united states, pakistan, egypt, etc)

we work online and conducts project training in gotomeeting. so no restriction on geographical location.

Some of the guided projects are below

  1. Scalable, Fault Tolerance SDN Controller ( Multiple SDN Controller with Master/Slave roles and Data Synchronization)
  2. Flow table Management
  3. QoS(Traffic Engineering)
  4. BGP Router 5. DDoS
  5. Multitenancy support
  6. Stateful Firewall
  7. SDN BGP loadbalancer
  8. SDN BGP AS Defender
  9. Dynamic LB with SFLOW
  10. DDoS Snort
  11. Elephant flow detection and mitigation
  12. Network utilization Visualizer with Grafana
  13. Hybrid networks
  14. Shortest Path
  15. Multipath LB
  16. Topology discovery
  17. MultiDomain SDN Controllers synchronization
  18. VxLAN
  19. Mininet wifi
  20. Server Load balancing with Virtual IP
  21. QoS using Meter Table / Queuing
  22. Switch Migration
  23. SDN IOT Projects and much more.

Duration: 4-6 Weeks

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