Software Defined Networking (SDN) Project Ideas

1. Addressing the Flow table fullfill(flow table exhaust) issue

In Hardware Openflow switches, Flow table suffers from the limited storage due to the use of TCAM — on which the flow table is realized in the majority of existing equipments in industry to achieve fast forwarding. As a result, after the flow table is full filled, the switch behavior is unexpected on both forwarding and control plane.

The reason of the fast flow entry occupation is due to the fine-grained flow entry storage of SDN.Flow tables to be monitored regurlarly and updated with fine-grained to coarse-grained flows, which should reduce the number of flows drastically .

2. DDoS Detection/Mitigation

Early detection of DDoS, and mitigation is challenging and ongoing research activity in SDN security area.

3. Policy based Forwarding

Policy based forwarding enables the network wide policy, which controls the service access based on various policy parameters such as time bounded, application specific, user specific.

For Example: -user1 allow to access Internet without any limitation -user2 allow to access Internet only morning 8AM to 10AM, daily -user3 allow to use the webservice(port 80) from WebServer-A -user4 can access user1,2 machines. -All other access requests are denied such policy can be defined and modified.

4.SDN BGP Speaker usecases in hybrid networks

Some of usecase/research topics are below,

5. QoS SDN Networks

6. Firewall Implementation

7. Multicontroller environment

8. SDN Controller security issues

Compromised/hijacked/malfunctioned controller breaks the network topology. Identifying and removing the compromised controller is an intersting topic.

9. Multipath/Loadbalancing in Datacenter topology

To be updated

10. Segment Routing (MPLS)

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