Mininet Cluster

1. Introduction

Generally we use mininet to simulate the topology in a single system/computer/virutal machine. The System resources limits our topology size.

Suppose, we want to build the large topology with 1000s of switches and nodes. We cannot build this topology in single system. The solution is, we can build the subset of the topology in mulitiple systems and connect each other system via GRE Tunnel.

2. Demonstration

Lets take the simple topology and demonstrated on deploying on two VMs, interconnect the topology and ping the nodes.

This is original topology.

The deployment model of this topology is as below.

In Computer1

  1. Start the RYU SDN Controller with simple switch application

  2. Start the mininet topology

    sudo python


    In Computer2

  3. Start the mininet topology

    sudo python
  4. From computer1 mininet shell, ping h1, h2, h3, h4 host IPs.

  5. you can also verify the GRE interface of both computers using “ifconfig” command.