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SDN Video Course in UDEMY Learn SDN (Mininet, RYU Controller) with practical exercises in Udemy for 10$(700Rs.) COURSE LINK

This course helps to learn SDN by yourselves. This is practical demo oriented course. It covers the setup the SDN test environment,Mininet in details(writing custom topology), and step by step guide to writing RYU SDN application. This course covers with RYU Exercises (L3 Switch, L4 Switch, Flow Timeouts, Flow Priorities, Flow Pipeline processing, etc ).

For students, This course is available for 500Rs. Contact Us.

Online SDN Training One to one Training Class in Video Chat(skype)

The course overview is as below,

  1. SDN Introduction
    • Traditional Networking Concepts & Problems
    • SDN Usecases
    • SDN Architecture
    • SDN Devices/Components
  2. Openflow in Detail
    • Introduction
    • Protocol Overview
    • Messages
    • Flow Tables overview
    • Pipeline
    • Group/Meter Tables
  3. Openvswitch Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Architecture
    • Commands
    • Demonstration
  4. Mininet
    • Introduction
    • Commands overview
    • Default Topologies
    • Writing Custom Topology
    • Distributed Topology
  5. RYU Controller
    • Introduction
    • Sample Application
    • L2/L3/L4 Switch
    • Flow Idle/Hard timeout
    • Firewall
    • Router
    • Topology Discovery
  6. SDN Sample Projects in RYU
    • ARP Proxy
    • DNS Proxy
    • Topology Discovery
    • DDoS Prevention
    • VLAN
    • Statistics Measurement with Grafana
    • Multicontroller synchronization
    • Multicontroller Master/Slave Implementation
    • Flow table reduction
    • BGP Router

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