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This workshop covers the basics/advanced level of computer networks such as Simple Routing to Complex BGP Routing, Firewall, NAT , etc

01 JAN, 0001

Advanced Networking Topics for Guest Lectures:

Below are Various Topics in Networking for Guest Lecture. Usually Guest Lecture / Webminar would be between 60mins to 90mins.

Networking Basics

  • Introduction to Networks ( TCP/IP Layer , MAC (Ethernet), L3(IP), L4(TCP/UDP),Application Protocols. Addressing)
  • Basic Tools: Ping, Traceroute, Wireshark
  • Network Topology (various topologies) - Demo
  • HUB, Switch, Router Demo,

Advanced Routing Protocol Exercises

  • Lab Setup with ContainerNet
  • Bird Opensource Routing Protocols Suite
  • OSPF Theory, Lab
  • BGP Theory, Lab exercises

Network Security for Beginners

  • Lab Setup with ContainerNet
  • Application Protocols (DHCP, DNS, Web Server)
  • NAT Demo
  • Security (ACL, Firewall) Demo

Please feel free to contact for more details.