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SDN Project Guidence guidelines, Training details, Duration, How to register

20 JAN, 2020

General Information

We develop(implement) SDN Project using

  • RYU SDN Controller
  • Mininet, Mininet-WiFi, containernet

Student needs to provide the detailed information of the project ( Topology, Algorithm , Test Procedure etc).


  • Basic python skills

  • UDEMY RYU SDN CRASH COURSE (Free coupon will be provided for project students)


  • Online Training will be provided (

  • The training will cover - Project Concepts(Theory/Logic), Execution, Demonstration.

  • The training will be recorded and shared to the student.

  • We help you to run the code in your laptop. (If required, we login remotely and fix the issue)

  • we help you to run basic test, collect the basic statistics.


  • we DONT design/tune/optimize custom algorithm . This is student work. Student needs to work on this and provide the algorithm. We only DEVELOP (or Implement) the given algorithm.

  • we DO NOT run the tests / collect the statistics/ take results / analysis / graphs /conclusion etc.


  • Some part of the project may not be feasible to implement. This risk may not known at the beginning of the project. This risk will know only when we start the implementation of that part/module.

  • we reuse the existing generic codes available with us or in any public domain (github, internet, some website, ryu examples, etc).

Duration & Support

  • Project development usually takes 4 to 6 weeks

  • Two weeks support(email/whatsapp) from the final delivery date

  • Some projects may take longer time (dependes on complexity)


  • Refer Fees

How to Register

  • Send a email with your project details, base paper(if any).

  • we will chech the feasibility and start the discussion.

Whatsapp/Mobile: +919445042007