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SDN is a game changer in the Networking Industry.

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SDN Topics for Guest Lecture:

Below are Various Topics in Software Defined Networking for Guest Lecture. Usually Guest Lecture / Webminar would be between 60mins to 90mins.

SDN for Beginners

  • Introduction
  • Architecture
  • SDN Controllers (ODL, ONOS, RYU, POX)
  • OpenFlow Protocol
  • SDN Applications & Usecases
  • Testbed(Mininet)

SDN Testbeds

  • SDN Testbeds (Mininet, ContainerNet)
  • Wireless Testbed (Mininet Wifi)

SDN Controllers Overview

  • RYU Demo
  • OpenDayLight Demo
  • ONOS Demo

SDN Programming with RYU

  • SDN Overview
  • RYU SDN Controller Demo
  • SDN Programming with RYU Controller

SDN Programming with OpenDayLight

  • SDN Overview
  • SDN Programming with ODL Controller

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