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DDoS Detection using Snort

DDoS Detection & Mitigation using Snort

DDoS Detection & Mitigation using Snort

Project Overview:

Implements the DDoS Detection using Snort. Refer more details in the project demo video.


  • Ubuntu 20.04

  • Mininet

  • RYU SDN Controller

  • Prebuilt VM Image will be shared

Training Details

  • SDN Beginners Training(Mininet, RYU controller) will be provided through our UDEMY COURSE

  • Students needs to follow the course and executing the example exercises.

  • projects will be demonstrated by step by step by through online one to one training ..

  • Project theory/logic/workflow/code will be explained in the online training

  • online training will be recorded and recorded video will be shared


  • Basic Python & Networking skills


  • Prebuilt SDN Test bed VM image (Ubuntu 20.04) based on Virtual Box.

  • Project runs on RYU & Mininet on Ubuntu 20.04 test bed, Python 3.x

  • Write up of project details/logic and inline comments for code


  • we DON’T provide PROJECT REPORT / Analysis / Test results etc. Students needs to learn, experiment and do it himself.

  • Two weeks support(in email), There will not be any further support after that.

Demo Video

youtube video link. DDOS SNORT


Foreign Students

Project Name Fees($) Trans(8%) Total ($)
DDOS SNORT 120 10 130

Indian Students

Project Name Fees(Rs) GST(18%) Total (Rs)
DDOS SNORT 7800 1404 9204


  • Bank Transfer (Indian students)
  • Paypal (Foreign students)

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